Sunday, December 20, 2009

Iskul Bukol

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Guest: Sharon Cuneta
As a child of the 80's, one could never be a stranger to the words "Iskul Bukol" and ofcourse the famous "Escalera Brothers". The show was first aired in 1977 on the network IBC 13 and has always been part of every filipino household until the year of 1989. As a young child in the early eighties, I found the show as for parents. Since cable tv is not available for everyone yet, I have no choice but watch it when my mom or my dad tunes in to the show. Who will forget their old and still single teacher named Miss Tapia or Miss Liwayway Gawgaw Tapia (Mely Tagasa) in full who is romantically linked to Mang Temi (Bing Angleles) inspite of showing affection to Jose Marie "Joey" Ungasis (Joey De Leon)? The Escalera brothers Joselito "Tito" Escalera (Tito Sotto) and Victorio "Vic" Escalera (Vic Sotto) along with their friend Joey often get into Miss Tapia's nerves because of their antics. Other memorable characters in the tv program are Ritchie (Ritchie D'Horsie) who immitates almost everything of what Vic does. Bibeth (Bibeth Orteza) is Vic's roommate and fellow classmate, Inang (Dely Atayatayan) who is the very loving mother of Vic who dearly calls him Bunsoyyy, and Tonette (Anthony Roquel) who is the gay arch nemesis of the Escalera brothers. The show brought in several famous guests in the likes of Sharon Cuneta and other big figures of that time. The theme song of the show "Iskul Bukol" sung to Elvis' famous song "All SHook Up" also secured a spot in the hearts of many filipinos. I remember, back in the 80s, when you walk in your street at around 7pm, families were already at home, eating dinner together or watching pinoy tv programs together. Most parents, if not all, were at home by their children's side while watching tv. Tv programs back then have moral and family values to share to their audience. That is why TVs are not considered a potential harm to children as much as people view it now.

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