Saturday, May 1, 2010

An Artist Named Rev Cruz

It's already 1:20 in the morning and I still can't keep myself from blogging about Batibot. I have been working on my blog for almost 6 hours now but boy, I didn't know I am in for more treats. As I was searching for images of some batibot characters who were not as "popular" (ironic right?!) as Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing, I found this:

A very talented man in the name of "Rev Cruz" or Christian Oliver Cruz made this very wonderful piece of art. You'll never stop browsing through his gallery once you see it because of his countless artworks that are all certified breathtaking. If you are into the "arts" you'll probably wish that you had the same set of hands (and creative mind) that Rev (first name basis?) has. If you are on the other side of the fence, I bet you'll make the very same wish as well.

If you look closely at the picture, you'll be able to read what it says...

Too bad, Pong Pagong was taken away from us by the evil people from Sesame Street (huhu...)... Who could forget the husky voice of Kiko Matsing (I always fail to ask my speech pathology friends about his voice...)

(Between Pong and Kiko) A friend of mine always thought that Kiko's eyes were real eggs! Hehe...

(At the bottom) When will we see these two beloved characters of my Filipino generation again? If I become rich enough, I'll buy the rights for these two!!!

This part of the picture says:

Jose Rizal wrote a parable about the turtle/tortoise and a monkey (pagong at Matsing)... It also turns out tobe on of the earliest known Filipino comic strip! These two characters would also inspire two of my most beloved icons from childhood! Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing!

First figure of Pong from the left says:

neck can extend to more than 3 feet, I think...

*QUESTION: Ever wonder why Pong's other hand doesn't move, as if he had a stroke or something?

*Answer: Limits of one-man puppetry. (refer to the illustration on the farthest right)

The figure in the middle says:

will only elongate when he's excited!! WIIIII!!!

Impressed??? Mr. Rev Cruz has a website that surely you will love to browse. His website is . He not only has hand drawn comic strips and sketches but he also has a lot of pictures from his travels and random events in his daily life. I guess, he also illustrates for children's books.

Here's a preview of his gallery:

These are just some of his works that, I admit, I wasn't able to give justice. But for your curiosity and pleasure here are the links to his galleries: galleries:


2 (illustration designs)

3 (layout designs) sets:
1 (Ang INK illustrations)

2 (INK's tribute to the late Rene O. Villanueva)

3 (The 26th Annual Children's Book Day Celebrations)

I hope this inspired your artistic side! Enjoy your day! =)

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