Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lovingly Yours, Helen

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Lovingly Yours, Helen was aired every Sunday in GMA 7 from 1980-1984 and 1986-1996 until Helen Vela's death. The show, which has become an iconic drama anthology, originated from a radio program that was heard in DZBB. The host, Ms. Helen Vela, reads a letter from a sender who needs counselling. This show was graced by all sorts of famous Filipino actors and actresses and they each portrayed roles excellently well. The background music being played as Helen narrates the story and as she gives her advice at the final part of the show is entitled "Ballad Pour Adeline" by Richard Clayderman. This song added to the drama that each episode presents and is an effective tearjerker for the show. I remember, my dad owns an old vinyl record player and he has an album with this song in it as part of his collection. Once-in-awhile he plays this song in the afternooon when people are having siestas or when our street was peaceful and quiet. Lovingly Yours, Helen has been a staple show of every Filipino's Sundays. My mom, knowing that she can easily cry, never skips an episode. Even if she's so tired doing all the household chores, she will still take her time off to tune in this show. My older brother & I on the other hand, somehow feels like this show is giving everyone a taste of real-life trauma. If I am not mistaken and if my memory serves me right, there is an episode where Romnick Sarmenta and Manilyn Reynes (and some other teen stars at that time) did an episode of this show. They were bunch of barkadas that went somewhere (maybe to a party) without their parents' consent or knowing. As fate had it, they got into a car accident and brought permanent damages to each one of them. I cannot remember anymore if it's Manilyn or Romnick who got paralyzed and lost his/her ability to walk.  But one of them got a hideous burn on his/her face that caused his/her loss of confidence.  Another one looked liked he suffered from stroke because half of his face got paralyzed and his speech was impede.  Though this show kind of traumatized me, in a way this has been part of my past that I surely miss.  Though there are several shows that came after this that has the same format, Helen Vela and Lovingly Yours, Helen is something no one can imitate.

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  1. What's the episode (that i think is called) Foreigner's Love? The real life person is Rosie Casida. If you find this, please send me a link about it at my e-mail: Maraming salamat!

  2. I love the show. It was the program that we watched every lazy sunday afternoon! Can you please possibly give me the titles or the full soundtrack used on the program? Ive been searching for one song which I always want to hear. Thank you! Please email me at

    1. There was Paul Mauriat's Through the Eyes of a Child and some tracks from Melody Fair's album:
      Melody Reprise and Melody in F Romance by the Bee Gees.


  3. i was wondering if you could remember the episode where aga muhlach, then a teenager, protrayed an actor/singer's life story, the episode was in 1983 if i remember it right.. would like to know whose life story he protrayed.

  4. I watch this episode, I think it is the first. 2 students both in love with each other, unfortunately, the man has a brain tumor. he was found dead by his girlfriend in his room when she visited him. the actress, if im not mistaken, I hope so, is Ms. Vivian foz, and the theme son of this episode is "As Sure I'm Standing Here" by Barry Manilow.