Monday, February 21, 2011

"I'm going back to the Philippines", says Menudo

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For those who were old enough during the eighties I bet you'll not fail to recognize the boys in the picture. Yep, they are the 5 members of the Latin boy group Menudo. But then if you happen to be born years after, the name "Ricky Martin" will still ring a bell because I know you've gone loca when you heard that he wasn't livin' la vida "loco"!

During the 80's, they were the "IT" thing. Touring all over the world, screaming fans (girls and boys alike) can't get enough of these cute boys from Puerto Rico. They became household names and they became the ideal types of every girl during the 80's.

Whatever brand they endorsed sold well. One of which was Pepsi. The Menudo mania reached the Philippines as well. They made numerous tv commercials, held concerts and even sang songs about the Philippines.

In this particular Pepsi commercial of Menudo I noticed a very familiar face. Can you guess who he is? The boy on the right is no other than Maricel Soriano's baby brother, Mel Martinez. He was in the commercial with the Menudo boys! How thrilling was that?!

He even had a scene with Ricky Martin himself! Woot!!! I bet girls of the 80's we're so jealous of him for having this opportuniy.

What I love in this commercial is not just the 80's feel that it brings, but the Filipino flavor it has. They did not just use Menudo but they also added Filipinos in it.

They even showed our very own jeepney! Of course, it says "I love menudo".

The boys were shown riding the jeepney as they escaped numerous crazy fans chasing after them.

According to Wikipedia, a new and modern Menudo band was formed on 2007 but disbanded on 2009.

"In 2007 it was announced that Menudo would return after signing a multi-album contract with SonyBMG label Epic Records.

The recasting of the band was profiled in a MTV reality series entitled Making Menudo that had launched as a primetime series on October 25, 2007, but was later pushed to afternoons due to low ratings.[4] The series ended on November 20, 2007. The new members were José Bordonada Collazo, Chris Moy, Emmanuel Vélez Pagán, José Monti Montañez, and Carlos Olivero. The group disbanded in early 2009."

Well I guess we can only say that Menudo already is an icon and on that I think it is a given that they are all irreplaceable. Viva Menudo!

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  1. Whew! Your site is awesome, hanga talaga ako :) I grew up during the 80's and I've watched all the 80's movies here on your sidebar except 3, that's how much I'm a fan until now. Palibhasa feeling ko kamukha ko talaga si Nadia Montenegro noon. So, ayan na nga, she's my age :)

    Hats off to you for building this site! I hope I can contribute some, in the future. I used to have an 80's blog but it didn't go through because of time-constraint.

    You've found your niche, I'm sure you'll earn well with blogging. Keep up the good work!

    Ate Christinchen of

  2. Hei,
    just stop in to say hello. harrie answered fanmail for Menudo 1980 small outfit run by Nicolas Scialiano [concerts unlimited inc] rip. In 1987 band member roommate Sari loved Menudo.
    [4 girls]Lucky us,there was a Menudo fan base
    store in Loisada neighborhood. Since then Sari has returned to Finland. Menudo was an important group local,global and community unity.

  3. awww... thank you guys for commenting! honestly, I was already losing hope that there are really people who appreciate my blog. I am so glad to hear that there are few, but VERY SPECIAL, people who like my blog.

    Ate Christinchen, thanks for taking your time in visiting my humble blog. I still have a few more video clips to share it's just that (here's the cliche reason) I'm kinda' busy with work. Thanks for all the kind words. AND, I really find Nadia Montenegro VERY PRETTY. ;) I saw her once when I was like 10 0r 11 in Sanrio Quezon Ave. branch.

    Thanks for all the comments again! I'll try my best to make my blog more interesting. Have a nice day everyone! :D

  4. don`t lose hope. we love your blog! you are doing a great service for our 80's generation.

    if more people will know this site, they will keep coming back... because memories are important and makes us young once again. more power to you!

  5. Awww... thanks for the encouraging words^! your comment indeed inspired me to keep my blog. =) Come to think of it it's been awhile since I last updated my blog. Thanks again! I hope I can thank you thru your blog or any site! God bless!! =D

  6. Hi 80's Pinas, thank you very much for getting me back to my childhood years, you're doing a good job. Every night I'm checking you're before I go to sleep. It's so nice to remember the fast, "nakakagaang ng pakiramdam"..thanks again. -- Kulit Bulilit

  7. hi kulit bulilit!!! =) First of all, i like your name. It's so 80's! ;) Thank you so much for the comment and for patronizing my blog. It's nice to hear that you are checking my blog before you go to sleep. Sorry, I haven't updated for quite a while. I am just in the middle of something. But soon I'll put up new articles and hopefully (find) new videos and video clips for you! Enjoy your day, kulit bulilit!!! =D

  8. Ang galing ng Pepsi commercial! Hindi ko na siya maalala though (old age) but I remember these guys very well, "Like a Cannonball" and "If You're Not Here" (of course dahil bata pa ako noon ang pinaka-crush ko ay 'yong pinakacute at pinakamaliit although hindi ko pa alam ang pangalan niya noon. I only know them as a group). Ang mga pinsan kong teenager noon, their screams nagbo-bounce sa loob ng bahay, wall to wall, ground to ceiling when they see them sa TV. Nyahaha! There's also this one TV guesting na kasama nila si Lea Salonga kumanta. How we wish we were Lea Salonga then.

    Ang saya sa blog mo. It really brings back good and happy memories :D