Saturday, December 19, 2009

Okay Ka Fairy Ko

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Okay Ka Fairy Ko is a light-hearted tv program that graced every filipino home back in the 80's. Having fairies, magic and love as the ingredients of the show, it meant success. Love conquering all, using magic for the good, the triumph of good over evil are just some of the central themes of the show. Showcasing a typical and model Filipino family, Okay Ka Fairy Ko gave it's audience a second home. A very interesting and magical at that.

Enteng Kabisote, a repairman slash mechanic fell inlove and married a fairy princess from the land of Engkantasya. Chlorateam aka Faye tries to keep away from using her magic inorder to keep up with Enteng's normal life. But Faye can't help but use it in times of trouble. Fortunately for Amy (Ruby Rodriguez), the yaya of the household, she happens to see everything but in the end manages to forget all of it thru the fairies' doing of erasing her memory. Bale, played by Jinky Oda, gives us a peak of the chismoza neighbors or sari-sari store tindera/owner in our neighborhood. Pipoy (played by the late Larry Silva), is the typical "manong" of the old times..always trying to win the hearts of women, may it be a yaya or a tindera. The most endearing and spikey character of the show is Ina Magenta, Faye's mom, who never forgets to belittle Enteng by calling him "tagalupa" and always rants about how her daughter could have married someone else. Ina Magenta is the queen of Engkantsya and is just and good. Luka (Luz Valdez) is the scary witch who is the worst rival of Ina Magenta. She happens to have two other evil supporters: Munyita (Tetchie Agbayani), who always seduces Enteng but never succeded and Satana (Odette Khan), Ina Magenta's estranged sister who ran away from Engkantasya out of jealousy from Ina Magenta's having almost all of their father's favor. Ofcourse, Aiza is the one and only daughter of the Kabisote family. Completing the cast are Prinse K or Prinsepe ng Kahilingan, Yaya Engkantadya (Debraliz) and many other big stars such as Manilyn Reynes as Lavander, Dawn Zulueta as a fairy pretending to be Faye, Roderick Paulate (as a substitute for Tweetie DeLeon for having missed the show due to marriage) and many more...

The Pilot episode of Okay Ka Fairy Ko I believe has a scene with a flying tricycle. As from what I remember, this was the scene when Chlorateam rescues Enteng from bad guys, thus, bringing him to Engkantasya. She has always been watching him thru a pond and has grown fond of him as time went by. I will never this for several reasons.

1. It's because I even asked my dad to let me sleep in my lola's house to be able to watch the pilot episode with my cousins.

2. As we were going home, while riding our schoolbus, we passed by the shooting of this episode. If I am not mistaken, this was shoot in Philand, Tandang Sora. The tricycle was hung infront of a sari-sari store and ofcourse they used technology to edit it and make it look like it's flying.

3. I saw Vic Sotto during this experience and always thought of my uncle as the best Vic Sotto look-a-like only to find out years later that he isnt. =)

Enjoy watching the TRAILER! If you have a TFC account you can watch the whole film for free! =D

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