Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shake, Rattle & Roll

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Episode: Manananggal

Who can forget the "undin" in the comfort room that Maloy (Manilyn Reynes) encountered in the third installment of the scary pinoy movie Shake, Rattle & Roll?
This movie scared the witts out of me!
Having both working parents, we used to stay in my grandparents' house every after school. We, my older brother and I, along with our cousins used to watch TV as soon as we get home. Since we only have limited number of hours to spent watching, we grab every opportunity of doing so. Since we are all 80's kids, we are exposed to the usual format of tv shows back in the early eighties which is very filipino. Cable TV is not available back then and so various pinoy tv drama anthologies, lunch break shows, local news and pinoy movies were shown daily in our tv sets. We used to watch SINE SA DOS. And there, every first day of november of every year or anytime ABS-CBN wanted to, we see the scariest movie a pinoy child could ever possibly see...Shake, Ratle and Roll.

What child, after watching this creepy film, would be brave and daring enough to go to the CR alone in the middle of the night??? The mere fact that you happen to have known an UNDIN would hinder you to even open your eyes in the dark. We used to fear fieldtrips that would involve water. We would think that a NANAY undin might be laying her eggs underneath and would very much like to keep their peace under water. Who would forget the landlady of Maloy who happens to have a slightly longer chin than anyone? She wasn't that famous then, but now she is (Ai-ai De las Alas).

Aside from the episode of "Nanay" in Shake, Rattle & Roll III, the one entitled "Manananggal" solidified our fear in this movie. Douglas (Herbert Bautista) happened to fall inlove with a probinsyana who is infact an aswang. The scene with Douglas seeing the transformation of his would-be girlfriend into an aswang really left a mark in our imaginations. Since our Lola's house has a big santol tree in the lawn, we dared not to stay there as soon as the sun is starting to go down.
This movie has been part of my childhood because it reminds me of the fears I used to least that's what I think.


  1. Do you have that manilyn reynes' movie na horror din and i cant remember the title,and i think richard gomez is also there.the story goes like this: dinala si manilyn ng classmate nya s town nila dahil fiesta tapos nung gabi na instead na si manilyn ang lutuin dhil mga mga tao dun, ung classmate nya ang nakain ng mga aswang dahil ngpalit sila ng higaan...i hope me link kyo so i could download it. thank you!

    1. Well, you are just in luck.ithe movie that gou are referring to is also an installment of Shake, Rattle and Roll. Your memory serves you right! Rihard (Gomez) was there. He was the tricycle driver that drove Manilyn and Ana (Roces, the one who invited and brought Manilyn to that aswang-infested barrio , of which was her hometown). When Manilyn followed her instincts and switched the drinks offered to both of them, Ana thought that Manilyn was already about to fall asleep, as, the drinks she was supposed to drink has sleeping pills. But then, like what you said, she was the one who ended up in the mouths of her kaanaks—the aswangs.

      Here is the link:!;)