Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ninja Kids (The Phantom Force)

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thanks to tuklaw74 for uploading a video

After the smashing hit Bagets, the cast of the iconic movie hit the pinoy theatres once again. Getting into the grove of ninja kicks and ninja stunts, Herbert Bautista (Dodo), JC Bonnin (Anton), Francis M (Tone) and Ramon Christopher (Ninja 3), entertained the filipino audience of the 80's once more. William and Aga were not in this film and I assumed it's because Aga found a promising solo career while William found his in his team up with Maricel. Along with Herbert and other co-bagets stars, Dennis Da Silva (Kenneth), Ricky Rivero (Charlie) who is very much active behind the camera at present and singing sensation of the 80's Keno (Louie) also graced the movie. Having ninja as the central theme of the movie, the likes of Protacio Dee (Naguchi) and Ernie Ortega, as the master of the ninja kids, gave the movie an aura of japanese ninja vibe. Rising teen stars Mia Prats (Mariko) and Lea Salonga (Yoko) served as love interests to the boys. Elizabeth Oropesa (Lotus), the main villain of the story, also joined the cast and delivered as well.
The story in summary is about teenaged boys who were enjoying their adolescent years. As they follow along a group of girls who were under the strict supervision of a very familiar 'teacher' (played by Mely Tagasa) and students of an exclusive all girls school they've used all their wits and tricks just to be able to make their moves to these girls. As they explore the possibilities of romance with the girls, they got entangled with ancient charms and time holes and without their knowing they were obliged to find and return a magic samurai sword. Having met a sensei whom they refer to as Master, they were trained and given incredible strength and powers in order to fulfill their mission. What is memorable in this movie is the Higante appearing at the end part when our ninja heroes thought that they had successfully done their mission.
The movie soundtrack also had its share of fame as being a hit song of the 80's. Sang by one of the characters, Keno made the top charts with the song "You've Got The Power" that is, for me, really suited the movie. Kids and teens at that time really got hooked with the song and often associate the tune to the movie in an instant. The movie indeed boosted the careers of the teen cast and it helped them get more movie projects after. They released a vcd copy and dvd copy, i think, last year. Check out your local video stores if you want one.

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Since I've been dying for years looking and searching the internet for a video or video clips of this very entertaining movie, but no avail, I was finally rewarded by being able to record some bits of it through my digi cam. The quality is not that great but I hope you'll appreciate the effort... enjoy!


  1. Been looking for this for a long time...80's kid...80's was the best!

  2. Defo the best ninja movie made iv got it on vhs the prints pretty good on a high quality vhs player after all this is a 1987 film, might be thinking of selling it im open to offers

    1. I know it's been 4 years but do you still have the vhs copy

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    4. I might be interested in the vhs. Is it still available?

  3. panuod naman po dito sir.tagal ko na po want to watch this again

  4. Why i can't watch it says couldn't load plug - in