Friday, April 30, 2010

Did you know that Batibot is not the original title of the show???

If you were old enough when Batibot first aired you were not probably amused with my title. If you have an excellent memory and didn't suffer much from memory gap the title is not that much of a shocker. But for me, it is..and it's not.

Batibot, according to Wikipedia, first aired in 1984. That would make me 2 years old at that time. But believe it or not I had the faintest memory that I used to see this very simple logo that says "SESAME". Back when I was young (or we were young, I'm pertaining to all Batang 80's), Sesame Street was also a hit. You were either so amazed with this really gigantic yellow bird (Big Bird) or you're into the ever grouchy, dirty but cute Oscar the Grouch and maybe you sang along with the "beatles" with their hit song "Letter B". But as a young filipino one would never trade Batibot to any other show in the planet. The voices of Kuya Bodjie, Kuya Ching, Ate Sienna or Ate Isay were voices of influence. Pong Pagong, Kiko Matsing, Manang Bola, Ning-Ning at Ging-Ging and Sitsiritsit at Alibangbang were our extended friends.

All I have of Batibot were fond memories. Songs that even up to this day, me and my siblings and cousins sing in chorus every once in awhile. Memories of making our own saranggola from newspaper, tingting and gawgaw and the afternoons we spent running in our street to make it fly (but it never did). We rejoiced and celebrated boisterously when rainy days came because it was the perfect opportunity to play with our bangkang papels. Every morning is about waiting for the Mamang Taho so we can eat the nutirtious and delicious taho. We used to hate it when our lola encouraged us to eat tinapa (tinapang bangus, tinapang bangus..masarap at masustansyang tinapang bangus) but later on learned to eat it anyway. Drinking milk? Think of Puti, ang bakang mataba, bakang maputi...

Last night, as I was celebrating for Batibot's coming back news, I came across this article. When I started making this blog (which I intend to somehow help with my nostalgia by recreating my past), I had been prompted to research about Batibot. I found significant information, but an article like this is what I prefer more--personal and credible (if I may say). Here, Mr. Stuart Santiago recounts his Batibot experience and how Philippines was during that time.
Please visit the link below and enjoy getting to know your favorite tv show deeper! =)

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