Monday, September 27, 2010

Dalaga ka na, hindi na bata..

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thanks to ProvillPhilippines for the upload

If you are a girl and you are in your teenage years, what is on the picture is no stranger to you! Or...are they??? The proper statement, I guess, would be if you are in your teenage years and it's still the 80's what is on the picture is no stranger to you. =)

This is one of the tv commercials that I would like to feature for today here in my blog. I happen to watch Pardina in Studio 23 this afternoon and this commercial came into mind. Why, you may ask? Is it because of Sheryl Cruz? My answer is no.

Do still remember her? She is Lyka in the movie Pardina At Ang Mga Duwende, who happens to be the one and only love of the handsome dwarf prince, Prinsepe Felino (Ian Veneracion). She is also the daughter of Sammy Lagmay and Winnie Cordero in Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata. According to ProvillPhilippines, this tv ad was shown in 1987 and the girl in the commercial is no other than Filipina actress Ms. Jenifer Sevilla.

As far as I can remember and according to comments regarding this tvc (tv commercial), this was very famous during that time. Not only because of Jenifer's cute face but also because of it's catchy song. "Dalaga ka na. Hindi na bata. Kay daming pagbabago... nakakaanibago.." were the famous parts of the jingle.

I wasn't a teenager yet when this tvc was shown but it gave me the creeps (to be honest) whenever I watch it. I dread the moment that I will have my period (haha!). And since this was famous back then and there were no cable tv yet, I get to see this over and over again everyday on tv. And yes, it was a torture for me! =)

But now, this commercial is priceless. This brings me back to the days when I have no worries (not even my period) in life. This also reminds me of the simplicity of life and how families back then were still close knit and intact. Mothers have time to talk to their daughters and explain to them the "natural things" that will happen to them as girls. Sadly, today the parents are so busy working to give their children a better and comfortable life.

I miss the old days! =(

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