Saturday, December 19, 2009

Inday Bote

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One of the hottest couples of the 80's starred in this fantasy movie. With the tandem of Maricel Soriano (Inday) and William Martinez (Greggy), they have entertained the audience of the eighties with this light-hearted comedy/fantasy film, Inday Bote. This is a story about a simple girl named Inday (Maria) who is madly and deeply inlove with a young lad whom she dearly calls Greggy (William). Inday and her brother are both orphans and are staying with their strict aunties. They were forced to do dyaryo-bote-garapa as their work in return of their auntie's feeding and shelter.
But destiny has something even bigger for Inday. Having a pure and kind heart, Inday and his brother helped an old lady beggar whom they happen to stumble upon when they were both arguing over hilaw na mangga that Inday bought. Inday offered the mangga to the old lady instead after knowing that she hasn't eaten yet. Her good gesture was indeed repayed by the beggar by handing her a bote that said to be useful in times of need. At first, Inday thought that she could make use of the bottle by selling it along with her bote-garapa. But since no one wants to buy it, she ended up keeping the bote.
Unbeknownst to Inday, inside the bote are duwendes (Nova Villa, Chichay, Dely Atayatayan, Roderick Paulate, Palito, Balot & Max Alvarado) who are just waiting for someone to rub the bote for them to be freed. The duwendes and Inday along with her brother embark in adventures and magic. In this movie, new actor Richard Gomez, was introduced. He played a rich, inglesero, handsome guy whom Inday met when his car almost hit Inday and her brother. This movie is indeed an epitomy of a classic 80's fantasy movie. A copy is available at Regal Film's website.

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  1. Based from a popular novel by Pablo S Gomez about a young girl with his brother gather junk(newspapers cans & bottles) his job was raised by her aunt with the aid of magic elves using magical powers the genie bottle becomes the main protagonist/heroine Inday Bote based from 1985 film of the same name a new role will be Alex Gonzaga in her first starring role as Inday coming soon to ABS-CBN network . Thanks.

  2. Alex Gonzaga as Inday/Inday Bote in a new fantasy/comedy series based from comics serial by Pablo S Gomez. Thanks! From:Wayne