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Batibot: Ageless & Timeless

click videos 1 & 2 to watch bangkang papel vid and an old opening theme of batibot =)

I bet I am not the only 80's kid who will rejoice upon hearing that BATIBOT WILL BE AIRED AGAIN IN TV5. You read it right, Batibot will be shown
again on Channel 5 and it's a mix of the old episodes and new ones.

After countless searches and endless effort to try bring back the happy childhood days of mine I chance upon a Batibot facebook account. Through this account, I was able to relive my batibot days same as my childhood days thru watching the videos they have.

Who will forget the catchy songs they used in this show to teach us, kids, a concept? Among many other memorable "lessons" and songs I remember from this show are tinapang bangus, alagang si puti, umihip tulad ng hangin, ako ay kapitbahay, alin alin ang naiba, and many more.

Ofcourse, the kuyas and ates in this show were all kuyas and ates to all of us. When they talk, we listen as if they were our own relatives. The stories narrated by Kuya Bodjie or Ate Sienna were fun to hear. I will never forget the stories Pilandok, Si Linggit at Si Barakuda,, Ang Pamilya Ismid.

Aside from these, the show will never be a hit without the existence of the other "live" characters in the likes of Pong Pagong, Kiko Matsing, Ning-ning at Ging-Ging, Manang Bola and Sitsiritsit and Alibangbang.

After the show ceased its airing, I lost track of time as well. Before I knew it, I was no longer the child who wakes up every morning and watches Batibot. In fact, I am so far and OLD from that child. I graduated gradeschool. Soon enough I graduated High School. And soon after I graduated from College. I never knew that I would become a teacher. I teach preschool kids. And during these times, I am reminded of my happy yesteryears.

Just 25 minutes ago, I found articles saying that TV5 got the rights to put this show back on air (see the links below this post). I was so thrilled to the point that I immediately started writing this post. When I found the articles and finished reading them, it was like I finally found the portal back to my childhood days. I really can't get over those years!

This is the only time that I got to know Batibot-Behind-Camera: the producer, writers, and the whole history of the show. As a teacher, I find the Batibot's format very impressive. The way they teach new concepts to children, in both Filipino and English, is very efffective. Considering that the show only runs a good 30 minutes, they indeed maximized the time slot very efficiently. I also want to point out that the show did a good job in inculcating Filipino values and nationalism to the young viewers.

I hope this news brought joy to all Batibot lovers and Batang 80's who miss the show so much. Enjoy reading the articles i found by clicking the links below.


Batibot is Back!

"Its 18 year run in various channels is unprecedented... Teacher Feny is
unquestionably the guru of educational television in the Philippines.."

Tayo na sa Batibot as it returns to TV!

"Any kid who grew up in the 80's and early 90's know a special place called
Batibot. Pre-cable televisions, pre-mobile phones, pre-facebook
applications, these kids--without being told to-sat in front of their TV's from
9:30 to 10am and attentively watched their TV playmates..."

Batibot Coming Back With A Bang by Bibsy M. Carballo

"When news spread that TV5 had acquired rights to Batibot, that
much-loved show of the 80's and 90's, there was much rejoicing among
parents. The big reason for this was that the Batibot babies of that era
whose eyes were glued to TV sets daily, are the Batibot parents of today,
currently at a loss at what shows to make their kids watch."

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