Sunday, December 20, 2009

90 Facts About The 80's Pinas Kids

As I was trying to look for any other relevant blogs to mine...I came across this page that really impressed me and indeed took me to memory lane. How could you forget the days when you were 100% carefree and worry-free? I love the fact that I was born in the eighties and that I had the privilege to enjoy the simplicity of that era here in Pinas. As a kid, I often wonder how it feels like to wear layers of clothes and play with snow when you step out of your house. I was thinking about what if I have an american twang, would that make me special? But after a few years, I didn't notice that I have grown quite a bit and that I am not in the era that I enjoy the most. Reading the article "80's Kids in Pinas" from emphasized and solidified the fact that I am a lucky 80's kid. =]

If you are just like me, born in the 80s, or you are just merely wondering what was it like during those times, CLICK 90 FACTS ABOUT KIDS IN PINAS blog and enjoy travelling back in time! ;-)

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