Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thanks, but please...

We thank you, readers (though you are not a lot), for appreciating the contents of this blog. It is my utmost desire to somehow help other nostalgic people like me to reminisce the past thru pictures, videos and personal entries. But to my dismay, I found out today, that some of my entries and even the 80's Pinas Logo were being used by other people without crediting or putting our blog's link. If you may notice, I am trying my best to give due credit to people whenever I use some of their articles or pictures and I even put links so that my blog readers can go and check out the website where I obtain the information. I believe that it is expected from a 'responsbile' blogger, or at the least, from a 'responsible' person. I hope people will be more responsible and CONSIDERATE of others as much as possible. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy browsing through my blogsite. I'll put up some new entries soon.

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