Thursday, February 24, 2011

80's Foreign Films

Just a treat for all 80's Pinas readers and visitors!

We will be giving you the links to three 80's foreign movies that I myself enjoyed watching when I was a kid. I'm sure if you're a certified 80's kid you will feel the same way too!

I am certain that you are so into Lucas Films. I bet you've seen all the Star Wars movies. But do you still remember the Lucas Film about a Nelwyn and a lazy, handsome Daikini who were destined to save a princess? You've guessed it right! Willow, a 1987 Lucas Film starring Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer brought joy to all viewers who watched the film.

(click on the picture to WATCH the film)

During the 80's a film that would offer to bring you to a whole new world is the most tempting thing. After watching films like Star Wars one would not forget the small, midget-like creatures that once appeared on one of the films. The Ewoks! Here is the first ewok movie entiled "Caravan of Courage" starring the very cute little Aubree Miller.

(click the picture to WATCH the film)

Lastly, one of my most favorite 80s' foreign films that really entertained me and played with my imagination, The Flight of the Navigator. I love Joey Cramer in this movie. He's just too cute! On top of that his house (with the beach front view) is way too awesome!

(click the picture to WATCH the film)

I hope you enjoy watching these movies! May they remind you of tons of fun and happy childhood memories! Enjoy! =)

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