Monday, February 21, 2011

Superstar o Star for all Seasons?

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There are so many stars in the sky that twinkle but among these two shines the most--the one and only Superstar Ms. Nora Aunor and the Star for all Seasons Ms. Vilma Santos. So "THE" question is "Are you a Noranian or a Vilmanian?".

My mom is a self-confessed Noranian. Not that she hates Ate Vi but it's just that she likes Nora more. I remember she would religiously watch Superstar and also at times Ate Vi's variety show, Vilma. Coming home from work then cooking for dinner and afterwards cleaning the house, she would fall asleep while watching the show.

She would not only wake herself up to watch Superstar, she would make herself available during the broadcasts of various Philippine award's nights too. She would either be in the kitchen while watching or comfortably sitting on the sofa while munching something.

Through a wide variety of video collection of VSPRODUCTION, here are some memories from the 1987 PMPC Star Awards.

The hosts for the night were Mr. Eddie Gutierrez and Ms. Susan Roces.

The winner for the Best Male Musical Variety Show Host is Mr. Edu Manzano for The Not So Late Night With Edu Manzano, ABS-CBN.

Pops Fernandez for Martin & Pops Together as one of the nominees for the Best Female Musical Variety Show Host. Sitting next to her was Martin and sitting behind them was Ms. Connie Reyes.

Also another nominee, Ms. Alma Moreno for Loveliness. You can see the young and cute Mark Anthony Fernandez smiling when he heard her mom was nominated.

Of course, Ms. Vilma Santos for Vilma. She and Nora Aunor were sitting side by side during this award's night.

Ms. Nora Aunor for Superstar was also a nominee for the category. Her escort that night was Mr. Richard Merck.

The other nominess for the said category were Sharon Cuneta for The Sharon Cuneta Show, Kuh Ledesma for Kuh By Special Arrangement and Maricel Soriano for Maria, Maria.

And the winnners are, undeniably, The Superstar and The Star for All Seasons!

Would you say that this is a rare moment? I guess, if you are truly a fan of either one of them or both, you'd say that this is just how they are--genuine and humble people.

You can see no sign, not even a little, of qualms between the two. Actually I loved how Vilma poked Nora when she said that she (Nora) knew she wasn't a good host compared to others.

These two women are the epitome of fame & life. They maybe on different paths right now but I believe that they are both exemplary women who lived their lives to the best of their abilities and still are up until now.

Enjoy the video clip provided to us by VSPRODUCTION! =)

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