Saturday, June 4, 2011

Champoy, anyone???

Click links below to watch video clips of Champoy
Thanks to betaxfer1 for the upload

Champoy is an iconic 80's tv series. The show was put to life by three of the greatest filipino comedians and comedienne: Subas Herrero, Noel Trinidad and Tessie Tomas. It was aired in 1981 and as far as I know it's home network was RPN 9.

Fortunately, with the generosity and extreme kindness of one of 80's Pinas' readers, we now have the opportunity to once again laugh genuinely through these priceless Champoy clips. This particular episode, entitled Suicidal Man, is an epic yet classic Filipino style comedy.

It all started with a man (played by Noel Trinidad) who wants to take his own life by jumping off a building. A concerned woman (played by Cherie Gil) tries her best to convince a very apathetic policeman (played by Subas Herrero) to save the "suicidal man".

Mr. Suicidal Man hands over a suicide letter to the policeman and told him to give it to Georgina, who seems to be the girl he loves. Another woman came by the scene and as she claims that she is the wife of Mr. Suicidal Man the policeman handed her the suicide note only to find out that the Georgina in the letter is his another woman.

Georgina (played by Mitch Valdez) joins the rumble & scramble by demanding Mr. Suicidal Man to choose between her and the wife and she threatens the man that if she will not be chosen she will also jump off the building. Upon hearing this threat, the angry wife stepped out of the window too while saying "Akala mo ikaw lang ang marunong magpakamatay!".

If it were not for betaxfer1 who uploaded these video clips, I would never have the chance to see this funny yet tasteful & classic Filipino comedy show. As what they always say, the past is always better than the present. I couldn't agree more!

Let us drown with nostalgia as we watch the video clips courtesy of betaxfer1! =)

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