Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It has been a while.... Here I am again! ;)

Wow, time flies fast indeed!  It has been a year or two since I last blogged here.  I miss it, very much.  I miss the feeling of reminiscing and hearing from others who like to do the same.  A lot has happened and most of it were the reasons why I hadn't had the time to blog.  But, as they say, there is a light at the end of the tunnel so I guess that means positivity.  Now, I will try to post again.  Hopefully to entertain you, make you reminisce and think of the good ole days, and somehow help you relax and forget about your problems.

80's... sigh... Thinking about it, this decade has slowly gone far in the past.  Kids of today have no recollection whatsoever of what this decade is about.  Being a preschool teacher myself, kids of today are far so different from the kids back in the eighties.  Forgive me but I am really a nostalgic person.  I love feeling nostalgic every now and then.  Thinking about the happy times in the past sort of help me get rid of stress.  Weird?  I hope not.

I was once an 80's kid... now, I've grown old.  Well, not very old but OLD.  I can no longer afford to just live my day without thinking of things like providing for my needs, work, work, and work. :(  Admittingly, I  am not having as much fun in work lately.  And whenever I am feeling that, automatically nostalgia kicks in! :)  Well, I guess blogging again will me do me good.  Doing this (blogging) actually makes me happy.  And who doesn't want to be happy?  So, let me gear up and in the days to come you'll see my posts again.  I hope I will not break what I said. :)


Ping your blog


  1. Inaatake ko ng schizophrenia ko ngayong araw tas nakapagbasa ko ng article tungkol sa Batibot at koala! Nandito na naman ako sa blog mo (napadaan ako rito noong 2012). Ibinalik ako nito sa reyalidad. Wehehe. 80s baby rin ako e. Sarap magbalik-tanaw lalo't relate na relate. Ang sayang balik-balikan ng kapanahunan natin. Sabi nila kapag tumatanda ka marami ka ng masasayang alaalang pwedeng balikan sa memorya. Siyang tunay. Rak \m/

    Babasahin ko rin ang inirekomenda mong blog na Pink Jeep pagkatapos ng sa'yo. Ayos 'to! (uh, dahil nostalgic ka at kung mahilig kang magbasa inirerekomenda ko sa'yong basahin ang SALINGKIT a 1986 diary ni Cyan Abad-Jugo. Itinawid ako n'yan sa catatonia ko noong isang linggo). Mabuhay ka! \m/

  2. Hi Bebeng!!! I am so happy to see your comments here in my blog! Knowing the way you feel when reading my posts (na sobrang daming grammatical errors and spellings) made me feel happy as well. Nakakatuwa naman talagang balikan ang mga g"golden days" of our childhood! Priceless kumbaga! For me, nothing beats an old picture of myself or old places. Nakakatuwa magreminisce. I once had insomnia kaya what I do is I "try" to blog. Hoping that people who can't easily sleep at night will find my blog amusing. I'm happy that you went back and check my blog again. Forgive me for not posting that often but I do have a lot in stored! ;) Hope you'll keep on patronizing my blog! Have a nice day, Bebeng! :)