Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ako at Royal... Natural!

Kung ikaw ay masugid na sumusubaybay ng aking blog, malamang sasabihin mong paboritong paborito ko ang series ng commercial ng Royal noon. Tama, hindi ko ikakailang ito nga ay isa sa mga pinakapaborito kong commercial.
Dahil yata sa commercial na ito, nauso ang "truth or consequence" na laro. Naaalala ko pa, noon mahal ang mga softdrinks in can. Usong-uso ang mga softdrinks na nakabote. Bihira rin ang mga malalaking Coke na nakaplastic bottle. At di tulad ngayon, di hamak na masmalalaki ang mga bote ng softdrinks noon.
Bakit ko paborito ang commercial na ito? Maraming dahilan. Una, ito ang madalas kong makita sa TV noong bata pa ako. At kahit sinong batang 80's sigurado akong sasabihin din nilang ang panahon ng kanilang kabataan ang pinakamasayang panahon ng kanilang buhay. Pangalawa, naaalala ko ang bahay namin na kinalakihan ko. Super 80's ang itsura ng bahay namin--bungalow type, may garden na maliit, may garahe at may puno sa gilid tapos 80's na 80's yung design nung bahay.
Pangatlo, tulad ng mga taong madalas atakihin ng nostalgia at hilig na hilig bumalik sa nakaraan, naaalala ko ang fashion noon. At siyempre bilang bata at dahil bata din ang mga nagsiganap sa commercial na ito, garantisadong nakarelate ako.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Do you know them?

What a rare gem I found on the internet!  As I was updating this blog just now, which I haven't done in a looonnnggggg timem, I found this cute picture online!

Can you name them by giving their FULL names? :)

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Pepe N' Pilar

Click WATCH to watch the movie.  Thanks to Mr. Jojo Devera for the upload.  No copyright infringement intended.

*Photo by Video48*

Are you a fan of Maricel Soriano?  If not, how about of Mr. Gabby Concepcion??? Okay, if your answer is still NO then I guess your answer to my next question will be a YES.  Why am I so certain?  It's because you will not be here in my blog if you're not.  So, the question is "Are you an 80's nostalgic?"  I hope your answer is a yes. :)

As I've promised, SEVERAL TIMES but only now will I ever comply, here is one 80's movie that for sure left a mark in the hearts of the Filipinos back in the days.  Who would not remember the handsome face of Gabby?  On the side, who would not like Maricel's katarayan and katalakan?  Well, if you don't, I do.

Just a trivia, this movie is just a remake of a 1966 film of the same title starring the King of Comedy, Dolphy, and the beautiful Ms. Susan Roces.  But, is Pepe Ms. Susan and The King of Comedy as Pilar??? Interesting!!!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy as you watch this 80;s film entitled Pepe and Pilar.

Miss San Francisco Soy Sauce of the Year... hahaha.. That's funny!!! :)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It has been a while.... Here I am again! ;)

Wow, time flies fast indeed!  It has been a year or two since I last blogged here.  I miss it, very much.  I miss the feeling of reminiscing and hearing from others who like to do the same.  A lot has happened and most of it were the reasons why I hadn't had the time to blog.  But, as they say, there is a light at the end of the tunnel so I guess that means positivity.  Now, I will try to post again.  Hopefully to entertain you, make you reminisce and think of the good ole days, and somehow help you relax and forget about your problems.

80's... sigh... Thinking about it, this decade has slowly gone far in the past.  Kids of today have no recollection whatsoever of what this decade is about.  Being a preschool teacher myself, kids of today are far so different from the kids back in the eighties.  Forgive me but I am really a nostalgic person.  I love feeling nostalgic every now and then.  Thinking about the happy times in the past sort of help me get rid of stress.  Weird?  I hope not.

I was once an 80's kid... now, I've grown old.  Well, not very old but OLD.  I can no longer afford to just live my day without thinking of things like providing for my needs, work, work, and work. :(  Admittingly, I  am not having as much fun in work lately.  And whenever I am feeling that, automatically nostalgia kicks in! :)  Well, I guess blogging again will me do me good.  Doing this (blogging) actually makes me happy.  And who doesn't want to be happy?  So, let me gear up and in the days to come you'll see my posts again.  I hope I will not break what I said. :)


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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Fabulous Blogger

If you are into blogs and you are looking for a worthy one
to visit, check out Pink Jeep's blog!

I especially like her Music Monday segment which
features songs of the past.
She even has other segments
like Tuesday
Couch Potatoes,
Wordless Wednesday & many more!

She discusses anything under the sun
& may I tell you SHE CAN

I also find it very interesting & also funny
on how she came up with her
blog's name: PINK JEEP.
You wanna know how?
Check out her blog now!

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Champoy, anyone???

Click links below to watch video clips of Champoy
Thanks to betaxfer1 for the upload

Champoy is an iconic 80's tv series. The show was put to life by three of the greatest filipino comedians and comedienne: Subas Herrero, Noel Trinidad and Tessie Tomas. It was aired in 1981 and as far as I know it's home network was RPN 9.

Fortunately, with the generosity and extreme kindness of one of 80's Pinas' readers, we now have the opportunity to once again laugh genuinely through these priceless Champoy clips. This particular episode, entitled Suicidal Man, is an epic yet classic Filipino style comedy.

It all started with a man (played by Noel Trinidad) who wants to take his own life by jumping off a building. A concerned woman (played by Cherie Gil) tries her best to convince a very apathetic policeman (played by Subas Herrero) to save the "suicidal man".

Mr. Suicidal Man hands over a suicide letter to the policeman and told him to give it to Georgina, who seems to be the girl he loves. Another woman came by the scene and as she claims that she is the wife of Mr. Suicidal Man the policeman handed her the suicide note only to find out that the Georgina in the letter is his another woman.

Georgina (played by Mitch Valdez) joins the rumble & scramble by demanding Mr. Suicidal Man to choose between her and the wife and she threatens the man that if she will not be chosen she will also jump off the building. Upon hearing this threat, the angry wife stepped out of the window too while saying "Akala mo ikaw lang ang marunong magpakamatay!".

If it were not for betaxfer1 who uploaded these video clips, I would never have the chance to see this funny yet tasteful & classic Filipino comedy show. As what they always say, the past is always better than the present. I couldn't agree more!

Let us drown with nostalgia as we watch the video clips courtesy of betaxfer1! =)

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ano, racing oh!

link: click THREAD to read

Oh, meron ka niyan? Kung gusto mong maging sikat dapat ito ang 'tsikot' mo. Kita tayo sa Greenhills, karera!

Ganyan ang mga angasan noong 80's. At ito... ang isa sa mga maangas ng kotse noong panahon. Kailan lang, bago ko malaman na ako ay may sakit, nakita ko ang thread na ito. Hindi pa ako matanda noon para maging maalam ako at marunong tungkol sa mga sikat at 'cool' na kotse. Pero kakaiba ang naidulot na tuwa sa akin nang mabasa ko ang thread na tungkol sa mga happenings ng mga kabataan noon na may kaugnayan sa kanilang mga fascination sa kotse.

Agad kong hinanap ang mga litrato ng mga nabanggit nilang mga kotse para makasabay naman ako sa kanilang trip back to memory lane. Hindi naman ako pinahiya ng aking memorya at sa oras na nakita ko ang larawan, naalala ko naman kahit papaano na nakikita ko nga ang mga ito noon sa kalsada.

Bilib naman ako sa kanilang mga ibinahagi tungkol sa kanilang mga 'fond memories' noong kanilang kapanauhan. Talagang tandang-tanda pa nila ang mga pangalan at modelo ng kanilang mga kotseng ginagamit at pinapangarap noon.

At tulad ng mga car addicts at drag racers ngayon, talaga namang pasikatan din sila sa kalibre ng kanilang mga makina noon. Parang Fast and The Furious ang tumakbo sa isip ko habang binabasa ko ng thread na ito.

Minsan pinaglalaruan pa ako ng aking isip, "kung hindi ko lang alam, baka nagsisiiyakan pa ang mga ito sa kanilang mga naaalala." Nostalgic kung nostalgic. Past kung past. Kotse kung kotse.

Eh kahit ako, nang makita ko ang larawan ng kotseng ito, 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, napahanga din sa ganda ng kotseng ito. Kahit ngayon siguro ito gamitin at makita, tiyak hahanga pa rin ang iba.

Isa ka ba sa mga kabataan noon na tumatambay sa Wildlife o sa may Goodah sa Greenhills para makipagdrag race? Basahin o kaya ulit itong thread na ito at balikan muli ang magagandang alaala. =)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

80's Pinoy Movies still on TV???

I was so happy yesterday! Why??? I had the opportunity to watch NINJA KIDS once again in PBO!!! Who wouldn't be happy with that? And so in return, I would like to add a new segment here in my blog.


My newest segment would be A POST OF PBO's TV SCHEDULE of 80's Pinoy movies!

For the month of March, PBO has instored for us a wide variety of quality pinoy films. So for those 80's Pinas readers and visitors who have access to PBO, take note of their schedule.

This segment will be posted on the right side of the blog so check it out once-in-awhile! Who knows? You might find a movie or two that you've been dying to watch again! ;)

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dolphy's ONCE UPON A TIME movie

link: click TRAILER to watch
courtesy of TFCNow

Don't tell me you are not familiar with Dolphy's Once Upon A Time movie?
Chance of a lifetime or what??? I found the TFC Now website and they are offering a free viewing of the trailer and the movie!

Click on the link or the picture for more details. =)

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

80's MUSIC WAVES: New Songs

photo image courtesy of thxrecords

What could have been more thrilling than Pinoy sound trippin'? Make it the 80's Music Waves and you'll definitely get high. I love this picture I found from thxrecords wordpress site. He also has a wide genre of music to offer.

Photo image courtesy of Ferddie's World

After featuring songs from VST & Co., Rico J. Puno, Claire Dela Fuente, Hotdog and Boyfriends, we are now adding new songs to our list! Of course, if we are talking about chilling 80's style with 80's music one would not fail to bring up the band that entertained us for decades--The Apo Hiking Society!

click photo to watch Rey Valera perform

Oh no, he's not Romeo but wait 'til you hear his songs. Another singer who impressed us with his soothing vocals is no other than Mr. Rey Valera. His songs are indeed nostalgic and pleasing to the ears. I will never forget his life story as well. He's been through a lot and those experiences gave melody to his words.

Last and definitely not the least, the music legend Mr. Basil Valdez. Kastilyong Buhangin, who wouldn't have an LSS (last song syndrome) with that song? Need I say more?

Enjoy listening to these new songs!

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