Monday, January 17, 2011

Sing Like An 80's Singer!

It was only now that I realize that I haven't posted a blog for the year 2011. It has been 2 weeks now since the whole world welcomed the new year but my blog hasn't offered any post yet. For this year, I have added a new column that will surely add to your 80's nostalgia. After chancing upon this youtube video clip of VST & Co., I thought, why not add 80's songs to my blog? The melody, the singers, their attire and everything are all proofs of what the 80's era was all about.

(click on the photo to watch the music video)

My dad being an avid vinyl-record-buyer-and-listener, I have heard a lot of stories about VST & Co. and their music. I remember some of their songs. My brother and I love to sing their famous "Awitin Mo, Isasayaw Ko" song. When I was young I used to think that VST & Co. stands for Vic SoTto and Company knowing that Vic Sotto was part of the band. But according to Wikipedia, VST might stand for the initials of the three lead vocals of the band, Val, Spanky and Tito. Though it might also stand for Vicor Super Team as Vicor Music Corporation was their record label.

The members of the band were: (according to Wikipidea)

Vic Sotto (vocals, producer), Spanky Rigor (bass, vocals, producer), Val Sotto (vocals), Celso Llarina (rhythm guitar, producer), Monet Gaskell (vocals), Male Rigor (vocals), Roger Rigor (vocals), the late Jun Medina (vocals), Joey de Leon (composer, lyricist), Homer Flores (musical arranger, keyboards), Chito Ilagan (bass), Ben Escasa (percussion), Fred Concepcion (trumpet), Boy Alcaide (drums) and Clod Baria (trombone).

When I saw the video clip, I also noticed that there were some cameos in it. Of course, and I think everybody will agree with me, that it would be inevitable not to identify the Star for All Seasons' (Ms. Vilma Santos) cameo appearance in the said music video. Stepping out of the car with Mr. Romeo Vasquez, they danced along the song just like in one of the scenes in the 80's movie Fame.

The trio of Tito, Vic and Joey also shed humour to the video. How Tito got carried away in dancing that he sort of punched Joey's and Vic's chests.

One of the famous comedians of the past, Mr. Dencio Padilla, was in it too. He was inside (I suppose) a wedding car with a bride beside her as he groove to the music. This scene reminded me of his role in Bagets 2 wherein he planned to marry off his daughter to Ton-Ton (William Martinez) in a shot gun wedding.

Definitely this music video brought a lot of memories from the past. As the song says, "Tayo ay magsaya at iwanan ang problema. Magsama-sama sa ligaya. Magsayawan hanggang mag-umaga." Life in the eighties was so simple and carefree. People work but they also find time to relax and enjoy. Won't that make you miss the old times?

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